For our December newsletter we would like to publish your stories.  We are looking for short pieces that are uplifting and/or extremely hilarious.  Teachers, of course, are intended to be inspiring to their students, but often it is students who are inspiring to their teachers.  We would like to hear from those of you who have been inspired by one or more of your students.  Students are often incredibly funny, whether intentionally or not.  We would like to publish these stories as well.  We are looking only for stories where the student herself or himself found the situation funny and no one’s feelings were hurt.  Let’s keep it comical and not cruel!

Send your contributions to  Teachers whose submissions are chosen for publication will each receive a certificate entitling them to take any one course at no charge (Winners cannot be a prepaid or NY ASPDP Client.  Course coverage fees does not include any university credit fees if university credits were desired upon completion of the course. )