Our goal at CE Credits Online is to make a difference in classrooms nationwide.  Since 2001 we have provided university-accredited, graduate-level online courses for K-12 educators that improve effectiveness and student outcomes.  Our courses have been designed for maximum impact and maximum convenience.  Start anytime and work at your own pace, with a course facilitator to utilize throughout every course.

Thank You Cards

In recent years, we decided to show our appreciation to the CE Credits Online community of educators by funding projects they have listed with DonorsChoose.org. The Donors Choose organization  “empowers public school teachers from across the country to request much-needed funding for materials and experiences for their students.”

We chose this way of giving back because it is in line with our goal of helping educators make a difference in classrooms.

Displayed in our office, as well as temporarily on our Give Back page, are the “thank you cards” we recently received from a group of elementary students whose classroom needed new chairs, which we helped fund. We are pleased to help support those educators who go the extra mile to improve their classroom environments—whether by providing important instructional strategies to improve their teaching or by providing some funding for interesting projects, materials or experiences they have imagined for their students and cannot provide otherwise.

This year, we are looking to fund more projects than we ever have before! If you or someone you know would like to request funding for a project, be sure to visit our Give Back page for project submission details.